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Mobile physical therapy for your best friend


Amicus / a’mi:kus /

Friend; companion

“whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”

At Amicus Animal Rehabilitation, we provide evidence-based physical therapy & rehabilitation to help your best friend, whether feline or canine, achieve the highest function & quality of life possible


We bring all the necessities of rehabilitation to the comforts of your own home where your pets are most comfortable, all while also conveniently working around your schedule


Above all, our mission is to help any/all animals in need. Therefore, 2% of our profits are donated to animal rescues near & far 🌎



  • Progressive treatment programs customized to you & your pet's needs/goals

  • Neurologic rehabilitation for pets diagnosed with IVDD, FCE, stroke, etc.

  • Therapeutic exercise to improve strength and overall conditioning

  • Post-operative rehabilitation from surgeries such as: TPLO, patellar luxation repair, limb correction, & the like

  • Maintenance programs and/or palliative care for geriatric pets & pets with chronic, degenerative, or progressive conditions

  • Manual therapy (joint mobilizations, Graston, soft tissue work, trigger point release, etc.)

  • Trialing, ordering, & fitting custom adaptive equipment (braces, prosthetics, carts, etc.)

  • Supplemental modalities (laser therapy, electrical stimulation, PEMF therapy)

  • Home modifications to help adapt to your pet’s functional status

  • NEW  In-home, fear free nail trims

  • NEW  In-home anal gland expression + sanitary shave

  • NEW  Weight loss/management programming

  • Treating both felines & canines of all ages 🐱 🐶

  • All treatments and services in the comforts of your own home

  • Use of empirical tools to track progress (i.e. goniometry, thermal imaging)

  • Practice of physical therapy rooted in current, evidence-based research

  • In-person or virtual appointment options

  • Various treatment packages to fit any schedule or budget

  • Ability to rent out modalities or equipment

  • Weight loss programming to help reduce your pet's risk of earlier or more significant arthritis

  • Available to travel beyond the Portland metro area to neighboring regions, even 30+ miles away!

What sets us apart


Dr. Natasha Bui

After a life-changing auto accident in 2010 and subsequently receiving physical therapy, Natasha became inspired to pursue the field of rehabilitation. After receiving her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Houston, she went on to obtain her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from George Fox University.


Natasha primarily specialized in pediatrics & Early Intervention during her first 3 years as a physical therapist, but after temporarily relocating to Chicago with her husband and their 2 cats (Spaghetti & Chalupa Batman) in 2019 she began working at the renowned Shirley Ryan AbilityLab where she transitioned to specializing in adult neuro. During this time, she concurrently pursued her certification in canine rehabilitation (CCRT) through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, becoming certified in 2021.


Natasha has always had a strong passion for animals that began in her earlier years while living in Houston where she was involved with local rescues, particularly focusing on the city’s stray population. After moving back to Portland in 2021 and starting Amicus, Natasha is excited to finally integrate her love for helping animals with her expertise in physical therapy in order to better the lives of every single pet!

_DSC3439 (1)_edited.jpg

Monica Cavalieri

Monica is of many passions and skills ranging from athletics, academia, entrepreneurship. After many years working with animals in both clinic and ER medical settings, she has finally found her true calling in animal rehabilitation and holistic intervention. Monica is an amazing addition to the Amicus team as she is able to bring and integrate her skillset as a licensed veterinary technician (CVT) with her animal rehabilitation knowledge as she finishes up her animal rehabilitation certification (CCRVN) through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. In her spare time, Monica is concurrently finishing up schooling to become a Registered Professional Homeopath with the RSHom and spends time snuggling with her two Italian greyhounds, kitty, and two chickens. You & your pets will find her energy and compassion contagious as she partners with you to improve the wellbeing of your furry companion!


Autumn Skaj
Client Care Coordinator

A lifelong animal lover, Autumn began working in animal welfare in 2018, focusing on shelter and rescue dogs in both California and Oregon. Through the years, she has gained a wealth of animal behavioral knowledge and skills. During her time at a local animal rescue, she met Natasha and developed a deep appreciation for animal rehabilitation after partnering with Amicus to provide physical therapy for several beloved rescue dogs who were currently in foster care. Autumn strives to continue to grow and hone her animal skillset in hopes of continuing to expand, diversify, and better the animal welfare industry in her own unique way. When not working with clients, she keeps busy exploring the beautiful PNW and happily tending to her two rescue pups and kitty: Evie, Moose, and Mazzy!

We can’t wait to help your pet live its best life


Here at Amicus, we advocate for a multi-disciplinary approach to maximize your pet's rehab potential & outcome


We strongly feel that in order to successfully create a cohesive treatment plan, collaboration between owner, therapist, veterinarian, and all other specialist(s) involved are vital so that we - as a collective team - can meet every single one of you and your pet's needs & goals!


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